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Georgina Smith Music

Hey everyone if you wanted to check out my piece Into the Colour Spectrum. Click on the link to see my profile.

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Into the Colour Spectrum is a piece based on the form theme and Variations, it is composed for 4 Flutes, Piccolo, and Bamboo flute. Each variation is based on a shade of colour and the state of feeling that I associate with that shade.

Theme: A Colourful Start (0.00-0.49)
Variation 1: Light Green. A Natural Shade for Escape (0.50-2.45)
Variation 2: Orange. A Confused Shade (2.46-4.47)
Variation 3: Dark Red. A Dark Argumentative Shade (4.48-6.07)
Variation 4: Dark Purple. A Stability of Harmony (6.08-7.40)
Variation 5: Blue. A Calm Tone of Events (7.41-9.27)
Variation 6: Light Yellow. A Joyous Shade to Dance To (9.27-11.24)

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